Enrollment and Registration

  • Register for your preferred section of Apprenticeship Week at the time designated for Spring registration (October 13—3Ls, October 14—2Ls). See Spring 2015 Alpha Schedule for appropriate sections for Law 5614.
  • Complete the separate Apprenticeship Week Application by Friday, October 17 at 5 pm. YOU WILL BE PURGED FROM CLASSES IF YOU FAIL TO COMPLETE THE APPRENTICESHIP WEEK APPLICATION BY THE DEADLINE. You may register and apply for Apprenticeship Week after the October 17 deadline, but you will be matched in classes based on available space.
  • Professor Church and Vice-Chancellor Joseph will evaluate the applications and match students into sections based prerequisites, preference rankings, class, backgrounds, expressions of interest, and other relevant factors. THIS MAY RESULT IN PLACEMENT OTHER THAN YOUR TOP CHOICE.
  • Students will be emailed the their placement in due course.